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Are you looking for a card game, a mac solitaire that is easy to use and that will work on small and big screens ? Check out Big Deck Solitaire on the App store !


Ladybugs is a collection of 3 maze games for kids ( more than 100 levels total ) where the player has to help the ladybugs find their houses. Learn colors and orientation in this very cute computer game !
[read more about ladybugs]

NEW : Ladybugs 2 available for IPAD !!!

tangled maze?

Mister Monster.
Assemble monsters with the elements from the palette.
8 monsters to practise on, create the funniest or scariest monster, and print them to show to your friends!

Mister monster is a great tool for teatching drag n drop!

Stick little bulbs in the grid, and create pictures. Express yourself in a simple interface. See the result of your creation really quickly on the screen. A free expression tool, accessible for all ages.

With more than 50 layouts to solve, 3 tiles set with one specially designed for kids, Smack Mahjong is the mahjong that will please your entire family!
[click here for more information]

Recommanded configuration: PC Window - 3D Video Card

Global Warning
Global Warning.
It's time to save the earth!
Not only will Global Warning teach you how to take good care of the environment, but it will also help you generate significant savings on your energy and purchases.

Follow the Global Warning advice and start saving money now! 

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