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Remember that good old solitaire game that never let you down on your very first computer? You could always play a game or two if you wanted whenever you had a moment to take a break, sit back and play your favorite solitaire game. Whether it was Klondike, Freecell, Yukon, Spider or any number of the long list of solitaire variations, you could play your good, fun standard: big deck solitaire.

Smack Solitaire won't disappoint. It is a cherished collection of your favorite solitaire games and more. Play it whenever you want to remember the great days of when you first discovered computers, or simply enjoy some great alone time and play these solitaire games to relax, concentrate and decompress, all at the same time.

Download for Mac OS X
Mac OS X, 128 MB RAM
openGL Video card
Buy for Mac OS X [$9.95]

Download for Windows
128 MB RAM
3D OpenGL Video card.
Buy for Windows [$9.95]


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