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Smack Mahjong

Did you ever wonder why the classic matching tile game, Mahjong, never goes out of style? The same goes for solitaire, doesn't it?
Mahjong remains to be a favorite computer game for gamers worldwide because of one thing: it's really enjoyable to play. You can play it for a small amount of time, for example, when you take a short break from work, or you can play it for extended periods to relax. It's a non-stressful, beautiful game that also exercises your brain.
Smack Mahjong will be a perfect activity whenever you need it. With over 50 different layouts, you will have lots of matching tile puzzles to tackle with this computer game, and if you feel like it, you can create your own layouts. Just use the easy editor that comes with the game, and design to your heart's content. The choice of tiles are different from each other and are beautiful. With Smack Mahjong, you can choose shiny black tiles, as well as the classic porcelain white tiles.
There's an additional tile set here too, a little unusual but very cute and perfect for the little ones to get in on the action. They are alphabet tiles to help small kids with their alphabet. They will be able to learn how to recognize letters as well as put their brains to work to find the matching pairs.
Lastly, the calming music is designed to accompany your game play without being distracting. It is there to encourage you and to provide a stress-free music environment. You also have the option to turn off the music, say, if you're somewhere where the music will distract the people around you.

classic set

black set for expert players!

Mac OS X - 256 MB RAM
OpenGL acceleration

Smack Mahjong is also available for windows

Windows 95/98/ME/XP/Vista
16 MB 3D Video card required

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