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Zen Stones
A very good surprise with this puzzler ( andusually i don't like puzzle games ! ).
You have to push blocks to create groups of the same colors, it's so simple and so addictive !

[Download zen stones]

United states of pool

A very good pool game that mixes some sort of adventure where you have to go through the major US Cities.

[Download united states of pool]


Ladybugs is a collection of 3 maze games ( more than 100 levels total ) where the player has to help the ladybugs find their houses. Learn colors and orientation in this very cute game ! 
[read more about ladybugs]

Virtual villagers

One of the best SIM like game for Mac OS X. Train your villagers to accomplish some tasks and solve some of the island well hidden mysteries.


One of the most interesting marble shooting game for Mac. Incredible visual effects, amazing audio tracks.

Smack Mahjong

Midori's take on the classic tile matching mahjong game. The full version of the game includes an editor to edit your own layouts.

4 elements

4 elements for mac is one of the hit of 2009 for sure. Not simple a match 3 computer game, it's a spectacular visual and audio show. Do not miss this mac game.

Plant Tycoon

Become a flower store owner. Grow your own plants and resell them to your potential customers. Another master piece from ldw games.


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